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i was watching TED Talk topic : Elon Musk: the future we're building--boring.

The host asked Elon if he would show Tesla Semi today?
Elon joked:" I will show you a teaser shot of the truck."

what doess teaser shot mean?
  • PaulQ

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    teaser shot -> a picture that is designed to make the person seeing it want to see the item and/or more photographs of the item.


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    From wiki:
    A teaser campaign, also known as a pre-launch campaign, is an advertising campaign which typically consists of a series of small, cryptic, challenging advertisements that anticipate a larger, full-blown campaign for a product launch or otherwise important event. These advertisements are called "teasers" or "teaser ads". A teaser trailer for an upcoming film, television program, video game or similar, is usually released long in advance of the product, so as to "tease" the audience.
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