Tebersiz / Terbiyesiz

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  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    What 'tebersiz' mean?

    İ know what suffix 'siz' mean but what 'teber' mean then?

    What 'şeref' mean 'şerefsiz'?
  2. peptidoglycan Senior Member

    I have never heard the word "tebersiz". But The Turkish Language Association dictionary gives its meanings. It might be an archaic word.

    The dictionary gives the meanings as follows:

    teber Far. teber a. esk. 1. Balta. 2. Bazı dervişlerin taşıdıkları sapı uzun, keskisi ayça biçiminde, küçük ve hafif balta. 3. Meşin kesmek için kullanılan araç.
    Güncel Türkçe Sözlük

    teber Tenekecilikte tenekeleri birbirine geçirmek için kullanılan bir araç.
    Türkiye Türkçesi Ağızları Sözlüğü
    teber Ağaç tepsi.
    Türkiye Türkçesi Ağızları Sözlüğü
    teber 1.Çapa. 2. Küçük balta.
    Türkiye Türkçesi Ağızları Sözlüğü
    teber Aşık oyununda kullanılan terim.
    Türkiye Türkçesi Ağızları Sözlüğü
    teber < Far. teber: küçük balta. || tiğ teber şah levent galmak: varını yoğunu yiyip tüketmiş olmak
    Türkiye Türkçesi Ağızları Sözlüğü
    teber 1. Kesme kısmı yarımay biçiminde saraç bıçağı. (-Uşak; *Yalvaç *Senirkent -Isparta) 2. Keskin kısmı düz olan ayakkabıcı bıçağı. (*Güdül -Ankara)
    BSTS / Zanaat Terimleri Sözlüğü 1976

  3. Reverence Senior Member

    Now I truly wonder where you found this one... "Teber" is a common name for several different basic tools used in a variety of crafts, each differing in shape and function, all used for cutting and shaping. Unless taken an interest in pre-Republic literature, not even a Turk would have the word in their vocabulary. "Tebersiz" would refer to a man who can't even hold on to most basic tools of his trade, either out of sheer misfortune or pure incompetence. In short, it's a derogatory term which means a poor guy who has nothing on his name in this world or a useless bum who, again, has nothing on his name in this world.

    I have a wild guess as to where you heard the term, however. Every now and then, some bimbo turns up with a word he heard somewhere and tries to incorporate it into slang just because he thinks it sounds cool. For example, a young man I knew constantly swore using the made-up phrase "Talakatini sikeyim" (excuse my language). Now, "talakat" means eloquence, but when I asked him if he actually knew what it meant, sure enough, he had no idea whatsoever. He just kept using the word solely because it sang. Your "tebersiz" may very well be one such example. A word which gives way to fine tonality and stress, with no regard for the actual meaning.
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  4. Esoppe

    Esoppe Member

    Might you be referring to "terbiyesiz"? (Asking because you're also asking about şerefsiz, relatively similar terms)

    Terbiyesiz means "foul-mannered, rude". It may, in some dialect, have been deformed into "tebersiz".
  5. FlyingBird Senior Member

    yes this is what i meant.tşkkr :)

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