TEC Traumatismo encéfalo craneano cerrado

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    Hola a todos!

    ¿Pueden decirme cómo se dice "TEC cerrado" en inglés?, (es decir, "Traumatismo Encefalo Craneano cerrado).
  2. TimLA

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    Closed Head Injury (màs comun)
    Closed Brain Injury
  3. sinclair001

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    Closed cranioencephalic trauma
    Esta referencia es para cranioencephalic trauma

    Me llamó la atención closed brain injury y hay una referencia interesante en New England Journal of Medicine
    NEJM -- Traumatic Brain Injury in the War ZoneWarden said the true proportion is probably higher, since some cases of closed brain injury are not diagnosed promptly. In the Vietnam War, by contrast, ...

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  4. Zimone Senior Member

    Chile - español

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