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    Could you tell me the main difference between "technical" and "technological"?
    Many firms, for instance, have great difficulty in obtaining technical or scientific books from libraires because they are unwilling to have their names entered as having taken out such and such a book, for fear... ——The Social Function of Science, written by J.D. Bernal
    I want to ask where the difference lies between "technical book" and "technological book".
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    "Technological" basically refers to machines, processes, technology. "Technical" can refer to any sort of specialized or complex knowledge or subjects.
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    Not sure if you meant to repeat yourself. I think 'technological' would fit 'machines, processes, and technology'.
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    Examples are usually useful.

    Technical assistance, tecnical analysis, technical education, t.terms,t.school, t.college, t.foul, t.knockout...
    Technologic(al) change, developement, technological gap...
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