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The MPM program is based on a multidisciplinary approach to combine the essential components of civil engineering design with the functional concepts of business management and behavioral science to develop a versatile and technically oriented individual capable of directing complex civil engineering projects.

From Overview | Master of Science in Project Management | Northwestern Engineering

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o•ri•ent•ed /ˈɔriəntɪd, -ɛn-/ adj.

  1. (usually used after another word, usually a noun, adjective, or adverb) interested in, aimed at, or believing in (the noun, adjective, or adverb mentioned)
oriented - Dictionary of English

How can I understand “technologically oriented”? Does it mean their major interest is in technology? Does it contradict “versatile”?
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    Yes, and no. Yes, major interest is technology. I'd think 'versatile' means that they are proficient with many different kinds of technology, as well as with business management and human behaviour.


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    The original is technically oriented, not technologically as you then say. It just means someone whose main bias (in terms of academic interest and/or talent/skill) is in technical and practical solutions.
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