teenage catch copy drama

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Argentina (Spanish)
Hello Everybody!!!
hope you are having fun in this weekend!! ;)

I would like someone to explain me what a "teenage catch copy drama" is...

It has appeared in the Spanish-English forum and nobody has answered yet and now I am courious to know as well...
I have made a Google search but found nothing that could help me to get an idea of what that is....

I don`t have more context, just: "...like something out of a teenage catch copy drama".

Thanks a lot, friends!!!:)
  • LRivera

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    Could they have meant "Copy cat" drama? I have never heard of the phrase "teenage catch copy drama" before. But a "copy cat drama" *could* be referring to a crime genre.

    Sorry I couldn't help.


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    Check this Google search:
    If the first few pages of links are typical, teenage catch copy drama is probably referring to the kind of stories told in Japanese teen-magazines. Naturally, I have no idea what these might be - but if they are anything like their UK equivalent, they are simple, graphic and lurid.

    On the other hand, this could be complete and utter rubbish.


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    Argentina (Spanish)
    thanks so much to the 3 of you!!!!:D
    you have been extremely useful!!

    I have already copied your answers in the Spanish forum!!! You are great!!

    All the best!!:)
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