teensy-weensy, higgledy-piggledy...


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the other day there aroused kind of curiosity within me which I would like to be satisfied :).
Namely, I would like to know what the name of these phrases is and, by the way, could you please be so kind and provide me with the most used ones?

I am not expecting a list of them. I will be satisfied if the first person to reply gives me 3 or 4 popular ones.

I would be very grateful!
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    A quick Google search revealed this: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/higgledy-piggledy

    ...A reduplicated rhyming compound...

    I've never heard of this before and I suspect you could go through your entire life without needing to know this fact. But here is it.

    And here is an article about reduplicated rhyming compounds:


    Reduplication, a type of vocabulary variation that allows writers and speakers of English to indulge in the rich potential for wordplay the language so often provides, refers to any of three types of repetitive extension of sounds [...]
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