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some questions..
to write the following in ~tekimasu form.
1. Miss kataoka went to Japan to get married.
A. kataoka san ha nihon ni kekkon wo shitekita. ?
2. Will you quickly go and wash our hands?
3. Please go and open all the windows in the classroom.
4. I'll go and get money for textbooks from my father.
5. I'm going out for a short while.

Thank you very much ^^. It's holiday and I have no one to ask about Japanese questions. >.< Thank you again ^^
  • akimura

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    All the five sample English sentences seem to have the same action in common: to go. So, while the -tekuru or -tekimasu form has several meanings, one common meaning should be considered: i.e., the person in question is to go and then come back.

    Given that, the 2nd to 5th sample English sentences can be translated using -tekuru or -tekimasu, whereas sentence 1 cannot.

    If the 1st sentence were "Miss Kataoka has been to Japan to get married.", then it could be translated as follows:

    Kataoka-san wa Nihon ni itte kekkon (wo) shite kimashita.
    (the -tekimasu form)

    Kataoka-san wa Nihon ni itte kekkon (wo) shite kita.
    (the -tekuru form)

    I hope this helps. :)
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