Tel que ledit bien se poursuit et comporte

Beryl Biro

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I am trying to help out a friend translate a legal doc regarding a sale of a property but am stumped by one clause as there is clearly a standard English equivalent but as I am no legal expert I cannot begin to translate it only word by word which will be quite literal and therefore it may lose its 'juridique' sens therefore if there are any bi-lingual legal professionals who may know the equivalent in English of the following it would really help me out to know it ... I guess it means that the property is sold with all the current outbuildings etc...

Tel que ledit bien se poursuit et comporte, avec toutes ses aisances, dépendances et immeubles par destination, servitudes et mitoyennetés, sans exception ni réserve, autres que celles pouvant être le cas échéant relatées aux présentes
  • vnikita

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    I don't know if there is a real equivalent in English to be honest...English documents seem to be less "flowery" about real estate property description; what I can do is to give you an explanation of "se poursuit et comporte"
    "tel que ledit bien se poursuit et comporte" means without making a more detailed description of the property / don't worry, it is not clear for the Frogs neither as this is Old Fench......

    Gerard Samuel

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    American English
    I was reading an old novel by Sir Walter Scott and came across the phrase

    "as the property is situate, lying and being" so maybe that locution was in use at some point...