Tel que ledit immeuble existe, se poursuit et comporte, avec toutes ses aisances, dépendances et immeubles par destination en dépendant, sans aucune exception ni réserve.

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  1. craeux Member

    French (France)
    Does anyone know the English equivalent or could offer a suitable translation?
  2. Nicosito Senior Member

    French and UK English, ferpectly bilingual
    I have a similar sentence I'm working on.

    ("Ainsi que ledit bien se comporte, avec toute ses aisances et dépendances sans aucune exception, ni réserve.")

    I used the suggested meaning for the beginning of "Tel...existe"(or "Ainsi...comporte") from this other thread.

    Then, Proz has "easements and outbuildings" for "aisances et dependences" (see also related Wordreference thread).

    For "sans exception ni reserve", Proz has "without exemptions or reservations", and another thread with several different suggestions.

    So far I've come up with:

    "Said property, as described, including all easements and outbuildings without exemptions or reservations."

    I hope I have managed to convey the insignificant, colourless and unreadable nature of the original! :) Just kidding.

  3. BAlfson Senior Member

    Oklahoma City
    USA - anglais

    "Exemption" doesn't fit; I would use "exception or reservation" (singular => "not one single").

    Cheers - Bob
  4. Nicosito Senior Member

    French and UK English, ferpectly bilingual
    Yep, you're right. I had been deferring to the imagined greater professionalism of proz translators, but the singular does indeed feel better. Lovely!


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