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    Greetings fellow linguists, amateur and professional.

    I come to you in search for the deffinition of the word "teleiophilic"

    I encountered it in the scientific paper:

    Handedness in Pedophilia and Hebephilia
    James M. Cantor, Ph.D.

    I present you with the word in context:

    "An elevated rate of non-right-handedness in pedo and hebephilic men relative to that rate in teleiophilic men would instead suggest an association between eroticage preference and brain function. That is, non-right handedness would be serving as a marker of an underlying neurological difference between teleiophilic and non teleiophilic groups."

    I assume it meams "those attracted by adults", but is just a guess. Merriam Webster and WordReference dictionaries as well as the Real Academia de la Lengua Española dictionary fail to define it, reason why I come to the specialized section of the forum.

    Thank you for your time!

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