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How would I say 'television show' in Italian?

By the way, i'm a new member if that makes a difference.
  • "Spettacolo televisivo", "programma televisivo" or simply "programma" (use these terms when you are referring to shows, quiz and so on.
    When you talk about movies you say "film" (e.g. "ieri sera ho visto un bel film alla/in tv" and "telefilm" when you talk about tv series.
    "Spettacolo televisivo", "programma televisivo" or simply "programma" but also "show televisivo" if it is a sort of light programm where people chat/dance and so on. Now-a-days there are a lot of foreign words in our language too. :) Ciao.
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    This is just a note -- for anyone using your question for "reverse translation" purposes -- that in the UK we, like the Italians, say "television programme" unless we do specifically mean a show in the sense of a spectacle or entertainment, musical and/or humorous, conversation on not-too-serious subjects (a "chat show"), etc.

    News programmes, investigations, documentaries, serious drama, etc. would not be called "shows" on TV or radio except by those heavily influenced by American ways.