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  1. Funksturm

    Funksturm Member

    Necesito ayuda con esta frase: "Necesitamos saber por anticipado el temario del curso para decidir quién asistirá"

    Mi propuesta es "We need to know the list of topics of the training course in advance, in order to decide who will attend"

    No tengo claro lo del "temario del curso" (bueno hay muchas cosas que no tengo claras sobre la vida en general, pero eso queda fuera del alcance de este thread), entendido como la lista de temas que se van a tratar en el mismo.

    Any comments? Thank you!
  2. Mapico Senior Member

    Bilbao (Spain) - Spanish
    List of contents??

    No sé si te vale...
  3. laydiC

    laydiC Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA spanglish
    ¿Qué te parece esta traducción? :

    'We need to know the outline for the course beforehand in order to decide who shall attend.'
  4. Funksturm

    Funksturm Member


    Gracias por vuestras sugerencias, a mí valerme me valen todas, porque la verdad es que no sé si hay alguna más adecuada que otra. Eso sí, lo que no veo es lo del shall...
  5. Chillibean Member

    UK - English
    This is rather late, but in case it's still useful:

    "Shall" is another way of saying "will", it expresses the future tense.
  6. Funksturm

    Funksturm Member


    I'm sorry, but I think I didn't make myself clear enough in my comment. Actually I was trying to point out the use of "shall" to express a future tense, since I think that's rather old fasioned, isn't it? Thanks anyway for your kind explanation.
  7. Chillibean Member

    UK - English
    Oops, sorry!
    You're completely right, it is quite old fashioned and in the above context "will" would be better. However it's still used in sometimes - for example, "Shall we go?" is really common in both the immediate and distant future.
  8. George in BA Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish (Argentina) & U.S. English
    Just for the record, I'd like to add that "shall" is still used in instructions or orders, implying (very much like "will") that the order must be carried out. You'll find it in Regulations, etc.

    Both are fine.
  9. Sherlockat

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    Castilian (Patagonian)
    Temario del curso: Syllabus
  10. Benzinho New Member

    This is a bit late but course agenda works well too!

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