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Have consulted the biggest Italian dictionary I have as well as WR and I can't find the words I'm looking for... :(

I'm looking for a translation of "temping agency" ie a business that places temporary workers with short staffed companies. Also could you please translate "temp" (ie. a temporary worker) and the verb "to temp" (ie. to do temporary work).

Thanks again for your help :)

  • temping agency=agenzia di lavoro interinale (but I'm not completely sure)
    temp (noun)=lavoratore (m)/lavoratrice (f) interinale
    to temp= avere un lavoro interinale
    Hi s85,

    you must be talking of a neologism.

    "temping agency" = agenzia di lavoro temporaneo or agenzia di lavoro interinale (interinale and temporaneo are synonyms in this case)
    "temp" (ie. a temporary worker) = lavoratore temporaneo or as dalila suggested