temporary situation + simple present

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Dear all,

I know it is common to use the present progressive here: (context: on a businss trip) "I'm staying in the Hilton." I think it be acceptable to use the simple present here as well, but the present progressive would be more common, am I right?

Thanks a lot!
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    Hi marylou2010, and Easter greetings to you!

    On a business trip, you can only say 'I'm staying in/at the Hilton'. If you say 'I stay at the Hilton', this is the regular/repeated sense of the present tense. The Hilton is where I always stay, I never stay anywhere else.

    Similarly, someone can only ask: 'where are you staying?' If they ask 'where do you stay?', they are asking where you stay each time you make a business trip.
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