Temps partagé

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Fizzy bird

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France and french
Je dois traduire en anglais "Responsable export à temps partagé", je travaille comme responsable export pour plusieurs entreprises et je partage mon temps entre ces entreprises. If I say "Time shared export manager", would it mean that I work selling time-share flats or that I share my time between different companies as an export manager?
How would you say? all suggestions welcome.
Merci pour votre aide / thanks for your help.
  • Fizzy bird

    New Member
    France and french
    That is what I thought, but could it not be misread? especially, if it is something which is not known.
    Thanks for your reactivity.

    Kelly B

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    USA English
    I don't think so. Shared makes me think of job-sharing, where two people work part time to fill the requirements of one job. I don't think that's the case here.


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    Southern French
    So if I got it straight you work as an Export Manager sharing your time between several businesses?


    This seems to be a new one.As CarlosRapido says you probably need to add some words to explain it. But you can start by saying that "I spilt my time/my week between different firms/companies"
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