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Hello amigos!:)

I´ve been tempted/lured/enticed/tantalised by my charming admirer.
That offer has tempted/lured/enticed/tantalised me to sell my house.

Which one(s) works better in the examples above? Is there a subtle difference among them?


  • panjandrum

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    Tempted, lured and enticed are very similar.
    In each case you are attracted by something to do something that you can do if you choose.

    Tantalise is different.
    If you are tantalised, you are being attracted by something that is outside your reach, or to do something that you know you cannot do.
    Tantalus, son of Zeus and Pluto, was condemned to stand up to his chin in water that always receded when he tried to drink. Above his head hung fruit that he could never reach.
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