Ten Hut!

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  • babep

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    Catalan/Castillian/English (Mallorca, Spain/ex-10 years USA)
    Yes, I had never heard it before...but I am of the female persuasion :D ...
    Seems to be used also in musical bands.

    "Band,Atten-hut! "Bring your instrument to attention position and bring your head back at a slight angle(supposed to be executed by the entire band at the same time,but is it ever?)


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    Russian, (Ukraine)
    Si, si, yo estoy de acuerdo! It's what an officer or a high rank memeber of the army would say to his troops to get their attention, and they would always salute him in repsonse by putting their right hand to their temple in a kind of : 'Yes, Sir!' motion. :p
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