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In the animation ''Free birds'' a commander is escorting the president, so when they meet the rows of soldiers, the commander yells ''Ten-hut''.

What does it mean?
  • gramman

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    I think a post in a thread on The Straight Dope Message Board (Ten-hut??) explains it pretty well:

    • [*=1]a preparatory command, clearly given and somewhat drawn out, to prep the troops for what's coming next;
      [*=1]a distinct pause, but not too long; and then
      [*=1] a sharp, quickly-given command of execution so that the facing movement or marching order is executed together and the platoon (or squad, or detail or rank) moves as one.


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    As MarcB said, it's an order to come to attention - it's the word "attention" mispronounced in accordance with gramman's quoted explanation.

    One day during the first week of boot camp, the RPOC (the recruit placed in a position of authority over all the other recruits in the company) said "Ten-HUT!" The company commander's response was "Don't bark, RPOC - Marines and other dogs bark." From then on the RPOC pronounced the word clearly: "Atten-TION!"
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