tendedero de cocinas

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    como decirlo en ingles?

    la habitacion ... daba a un patio de luces y a los tendederos de las cocinas.

    "patio" debe ser a yard? brcause i think this is a napartment on the 7th floor. Does it mean that the yard was the view? that the view from the room was the patio and the other thing? (please don't tell me what's written in the dictionary, "drying area", because i don't really understand the picture).

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    "Patio de luces" is not a yard, but an internal enclosed area within a block of apartments whose main function is providing light (?) to the rooms facing the inner part of the block.

    "Tendedero". I guess this is very typically Spanish. I have to think about a proper explanation.

    Hope it helps!!
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    A "patio de luces" is an "inner courtyard", an internal space in a building with windows facing into the patio, instead of towards the front of the building. It is used in project design (and city ordinances) to indicate a larger airshaft where, in addition, the laundry can be hung out to dry and provide venting for kitchens and bathrooms, most especially, for their gas and combustion fumes.
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    Tendedero: clothes-line.
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    thank you so much! you all helped a lot.

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