tenements and hereditaments

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  • k-in-sc

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    U.S. English
    Tenements are any structures attached to the land, and hereditaments are any interests in real estate capable of being inherited.


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    I'm looking for something similar, except it's worded as: "tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances thereto belonging or in anywise appertaining."
    In proz, I found the following, but it seems like it doesn't cover everything listed. See below:
    bienes inmuebles y accesorios del mismo que de alguna manera pertenecen.

    Does anyone have any other suggestion for this phrase? Thank you!

    Joe Esquire

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    Spanish Spain- English US
    Appurtenance can be both a structure or a right, such as an easement.
    ”...derechos o estructuras accesorias pertenecientes.” should work. The rest, you have above.


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