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La esposa comenzó a tener celos de la amistad entre los dos amigos.
(The wife began to be jealous of the friendship between the two friends.)

Is it possible "tener celos de" a friendship in Spanish? Or should it be "tener envidia de"?
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    OK, Aommoa, but is it grammatically correct to say "tener celos de la amistad"? I always thought in Spanish that "celos" only goes with people, not things. That it was "tener celos de alguien" but not "tener celos de algo."


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    It sounds much better to me to say 'tener envidia de una amistad'.

    'Tener celos' refers to a relationship where love is involved, and you are jealous, I'd say, except for children, who are jealous of a cousin or of another child, for example.

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    ¡Hola! Yo estoy de acuerdo con VickyA. Una idea, ¿qué tal "la esposa comenzó a sentir celos por la amistad entre los dos amigos."
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