tener/hay que - hay que llevar batas / tienes que llevar batas


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Is there any difference between hay que and tener que?

For example:
Hay que llevar batas.
Tienes que llevar batas.

What's the difference between these two sentences?

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    One very important difference between both of them is that, with this meaning, tener is a personal verb and haber and impersonal one. Thus the structures in which they are used are accordingly different.

    Tienes que llevar batasHay que llevar batas
    Tenemos que irnosHay que irse
    Tienes que pagar la cuentaHay que pagar la cuenta
    Tuvimos que salir de allíHubo que salir de allí

    So, whenever a more obvious implication of the subject in the action is necessary, the personal tener can be used.
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