tener muchas ganas de hacer algo

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  1. LSF Member

    European Spanish
    Hi all!

    how would you say or express "tener muchas ganas de hacer algo" in English?

    Thanks forehand for your help!
  2. obz

    obz Senior Member

    Los foros de WR.
    Yankee English
    "I really feel like...+ing"
    "I really want to..."

    2 options, among many.
  3. elprofe

    elprofe Senior Member

    Benidorm (alicante)
    Spanish (Spain)
    Aquí tienes otras 4:

    I really fancy...
    I'm looking forward to + verb-ing...
    I'm dying for + clause
    I'm dying to + verb
  4. gregohp Senior Member

    Spanish Spain & Basque
    Yo añado otra más:

    I'm eager to + verb
    I'm eager for +clause
  5. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    "to look forward to doing something."
  6. Fe-Fe

    Fe-Fe New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Yo usaria: " I'm really keen to..."

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