tener - tuvo a la vista el contrato de sociedad


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el notario certifica que tuvo a la vista el contrato de sociedad....

podria ser... ??
" the notary certifies he had the society contract at sight " ??????

me imagino que hay un termimo mucho mas legal que se debe usar....

Sample sentence:
tuvo a la vista
  • smithofwords

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    the notary public certifies that he had before him the partnership contract / the company contract (depende del contexto)


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    I agree with the Notary Public had at sight... that's what I use in legal terminology..
    The Notary Public had at his sight is like repeating (he) again.
    Correct me if I'm wrong please

    i heart queso

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    Just wanted to add to this thread to say that "had at sight" or "had at his sight" is not idiomatic English. I would go with posts #5 or #3 ("had before him", "saw", "viewed", or just say "that the notary public examined" the contract.

    Thanks all
    - queso