tengo dos libros por/para leer

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  1. tim fullbright Senior Member

    I am trying to understand the difference between these 2 sentences and
    my guess is;


    maybe I had 100 books to read, I read 98 of them, now 2 left. So the
    translation is something like;
    "I have 2 books left to read"


    no information on what I had to read or the past, just that I have 2 books
    that I am planning to read. So;
    "I am planning to read those 2 books."

    Is that right?
  2. geostan

    geostan Senior Member

    English Canada

    With tener, neither para nor por seems right. I would use que.
    But your analysis of the difference between para and por in this case seems correct.
  3. San Senior Member

    yes, you are right, but "tengo dos libros por leer" sounds a bit odd to me. I would say for example "Me quedan dos libros por leer".
  4. Joey. Senior Member

    Long Island, NY
    English / New York, U.S.A.
    O quizas: "Faltan do libros por leer/Faltan do libros leer"

    Que piensan de ello?
  5. Honeypum

    Honeypum Senior Member

    Madrid / Spain
    Yo diría "Tengo dos libros para leer" ("I've two books to read") o "Aún me quedan dos libros por leer". ("There are two books left to read"

  6. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    What is the difference between these?

    Tengo dos libros para leer
    Tengo dos libros que leer
  7. Mafe Dongo Senior Member

    Yes, you are right!!
    Tengo dos libros por leer/ Me quedan dos libros por leer. You have to read them.
    Tengo dos libros para leer. You got books to read, but it is not mandatory.
    Espero que te ayude!
  8. SpiceMan Senior Member

    Osaka 大阪
    Castellano, Argentina
    First one: you're just clarifying what are those books for.
    Tengo dos libros para vender. -> They're meant to be sold.
    Tengo dos libros para leer. -> They're meant to be read.
    Tengo dos libros para regalar. -> They're meant to be given away as gifts.

    Second one: Hearing so would be confusing to me. I would probably understand it as "tengo que leer dos libros". I have to read two books.
  9. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    Thank you SpiceMan. I'm starting a new thread on this so that the subject of this thread is not changed.

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