tengo miedo de desempleo

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(Australian) English
How do you say:

I am afraid of unemployment?


I am afraid of (remaining) unemployed?


El Paro.... como "estoy en paro" just a Spain thing? How does the rest of the world say it?

muchisimas gracias :)

Sydney girl.

  • JeSuisSnob

    Ombudsmod (Sp-Eng / Sólo Español)
    Mexican Spanish
    In Mexico, we'd say:

    "I am afraid of unemployment": "Le tengo miedo al desempleo"
    "I am afraid of (remaining) unemployed": "Tengo miedo de permanecer/seguir desempleado"

    Wait for more.

    Cheers, Sydney.


    Senior Member
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    "Le tengo miedo a estar desempleado" = "I am afraid of being unemployed"

    "Tengo miedo de quedar desempleado" = " I am afraid of losing my job / of becoming unemployed"

    "Tengo miedo de continuar desempleado" = "I am afraid of remaining unemployed"
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