Tengo na minchia tanta

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by brunomoises, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. brunomoises Member

    Spanish, Peru
    Ok, so this might look like a waste of time for many of you, but I really couldn't hold my curiosity anymore. "Tengo na minchia tanta" is the title of a Frank Zappa song included in the Uncle Meat cd. What on earth does that mean???

    Thank you so much!

    PS: I'm pasting some of the lyrics below, just in case someone gets curious.

    Ah, tengo na minchia tanta
    Tengo na minchia accussi'
    Devi usare un pollo
    ...Se me la vuoi tastar
  2. danalto

    danalto Senior Member

    Roma, Italia, Europa
    Italy - Italian
    Be careful! It's a very vulgar expression, in southern dialect (Sicily) meaning "I have a very big c...k" :)
  3. usa_scott Senior Member

    Washington D.C.
    Yikes!! Minchia ragazzi! :)

    I think we need some (!)'s
  4. brunomoises Member

    Spanish, Peru
    oh my god! I'm sorry! :S
    I should have known better... it's Zappa, afterall!

    Well... but then... just before we forget the whole thing... What does it mean "accussi" (in that context)?
  5. Alberto77 Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    "like that", "so" referring probably to a gesture indicating the size...
  6. fox71

    fox71 Senior Member

    "accussi" = così
    like that
  7. brunomoises Member

    Spanish, Peru
    Well, yes, it's been included in the cd version of Uncle Meat (it wasn't on the original LP version).

    If you have the chance, listen to it. Now that I know what it means, together with the sleazy voice of the singer, it makes it even funnier.
  8. usa_scott Senior Member

    Washington D.C.
    E' dialetto napoletano, no?
  9. Kleine Hexe

    Kleine Hexe Senior Member

    Italian Italy
    No, siciliano! :)
  10. usa_scott Senior Member

    Washington D.C.
    Davvero? Mi sembra che sono molto simili, allora.
  11. brunomoises Member

    Spanish, Peru
    Thank you all for your help. And for the good humor, too. :)
  12. Kleine Hexe

    Kleine Hexe Senior Member

    Italian Italy
    Beh, effettivamente "tengo" non è siciliano e neanche "pappà", "accussì" può essere sia siciliano che napoletano, mentre sulla parola "m*****" non ci sono dubbi, e' siciliana!
    Credo sia un mix di dialetti e italiano. :)
  13. Auno Banned

    Australia - English
  14. V52

    V52 Member Emeritus

    Italy Italian
    Just to add an information:
    the word :warn: "minchia" :warn: is definitely dialectal from Sicily, and not coming from Neapolitan.The differences between the two dialects (I'd say languages) are enormous in pronounce and constructions of phrases and periods. The word comes from Latin "mentula" .
  15. magistertexas New Member

    Augustinii, Texense
    English American & (Latin), Texas, USA
    Salve! i'm curious about the derivation of minchia from mentula I know /tu/ >> /chu/ sometimes, but how and why did the /l/ get dropped. are their any other sicilian dialectical words that exhibit this safe phonological pattern. I heard this word watching " l'Ispetore Coliandro" over the internet on RAI Click.
    Magister Texas :){>
  16. Sorcha Senior Member

    Ireland, English
    May I ask, (or rather dare I!!), about the secnd two lines. What do they mean? I'm just wondering does pollo refer to a chicken? And tastar to taste???
  17. _forumuser_

    _forumuser_ Senior Member

    New York City
    Tastare means to grope. So the sentence reads:

    You need to use a chicken to grope it

    No idea what it means, though. Let me also point out that the correct translation of accussi' here is "this/that big."
  18. Sergiusuigres

    Sergiusuigres Member

    Italy, Italiano
    Può essere questa la traduzione dell'ultima frase?

    Se me la vuoi tastar = If you want to feel it to me = if you want to examine my c..k by touch
  19. magistertexas New Member

    Augustinii, Texense
    English American & (Latin), Texas, USA
    /mentula/ CL >> /mentla/* VL >> /mentchia/ or ?/mintchia/? Old Ital? Dialect? >> /minchia/ Sicilian?
    From Classical to Vulgar Latin the fist pholological effect is syncpation like poculum >> poclum
    VL /la/>> Italian /ia/ like Clarus >> Chiaro

    but how does the /t/ get lost, does it combine with the /l/ to make a /chia/.
    I'm curious to gain any insight y'all might have.
    grazie a tutti.
  20. Sergiusuigres

    Sergiusuigres Member

    Italy, Italiano
    Does "Minchia" come from "mingere" = "to urinate" ?
  21. konarttis Member

    I know that Zappa's father was from Partinico, Siciliay so maybe he got this from him! Or he spoke Italian/dialect.

  22. prowlerxpla Senior Member

    Passo Genovese
    Italy Italian
    MENTULA had also una forma collaterale MENCLA so the CLA transform in CHIA like in CLARUS to CHIARO
    could be???

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