tengo tantas ganas de ti

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  1. meximahhhh New Member

    english england
    "tengo tantas ganas de ti"

    hey I want to know what this phrase means like does it mean i really want you or is it a sexual thing??

    im confused by this??

    said in a sentace with quiero hacerte el amor, i know what that means, so would it mean anything else?? if said with that ie slang???

    im confused!!!! i know the literal translation is i have many desires of you but thats not what you would say it as right??

    also as would be said in mexico /mexican spanish?? like would it mean different things in different countries?

    thanks x
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  2. jon_gon New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    It's more poetical than sexual, though of course it would mean something sexual depending on the context.

    A translation could be: I'm so thirsty of you.

    And yes, it would mean the same thing in mexico than spain or colombia.
  3. Anemoah

    Anemoah Senior Member

    Jerez de la Frontera - Cádiz
    Andaluz y español de España
    In Spain it has a sexual meaning. I don´t say that to my (male) friends, only to my girlfriend.
    Other translation more literal is: I really fancy you! (more or less)
  4. rodneyp Senior Member

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    US, English
    La expresion "tengo ganas", solo, puede significar "I'm horny" or algo así? Eso es el significado que encontré en el internet.
  5. HaRo

    HaRo Senior Member

    Estado de México
    Mexican Spanish
    "Tengo tantas ganas de tí" does have a sexual context.
    If you only want to see someone or to be with someone (not in a sexual way), it would be right to say: "Tengo ganas de verte" or "Tengo ganas de salir contigo".
    In that context, "Tengo ganas" does not mean "I am horny".
    Hope it helps!
  6. rodneyp Senior Member

    Atlanta, GA
    US, English
    ah, gracias. No siempre puedes creer lo que encuentras por internet!
  7. Anglicidio Senior Member

    Estados Unidos
    English - American
    Yo sólo he escuchado tal expresión bajo un contexto sexual, pero no conozco los otros significados que hay en otros países.

    En inglés, sería "I want you" o algo por el estilo.
  8. Cbes Senior Member

    It could mean "I'm horny", but only in adequate enviroment. If you say only "tengo ganas" somebody will ask you ¿de qué?
  9. CJ780 New Member

    what does this mean exactly? "Ahora tengo ganas de ti".
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  10. Valeria Mesalina

    Valeria Mesalina Senior Member

    Santiago de Compostela
    Spanish, Spain
    I'm wanting you now. Usually it implies someone wants someone sexually.

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