tenir (pansement)

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france / francais
hi everyone ! I always struggle to translate the idea of ''tenir'' in English when you talk , f.e., about a bandage that doesn't ''tient'' because the water or when you want to stick something but because the glu is not powerful enough it doesn't ''tient". I tend to use hold in this case but dunno if it is the best way.
some suggestions ??
  • lela105

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    You can certainly say:
    "The bandage isn't holding!"

    But I find it more natural to say something like:
    "The bandaid isn't sticking/doesn't stick!"


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    Français (FR)
    How would you translate "tenir" in the same sense as in the first post, but talking about repairs. For example, you've fixed something like the leg of a chair and ask the owner "est-ce que ça tient?". Would you say "is it holding up?"

    Kelly B

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    USA English
    Holding, usually without up, generally fits, yes. The glue/nail/joint/repair is(n't) holding.
    Holding up is more like to last/perdurer (?) than tenir. It's a reasonable question to ask in the same situation, but it's not quite the same thing.
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