tenpenny (or subprime) nails

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  1. Herodiades Senior Member

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    Good day wordreference friends,

    I'd thank anybody who could help me to translate the above term: tenpenny nails or subprime nails.

    I'm trying to translate an article about a financial crisis that produced, among other effects... Reserve requirements could be met, for instance, by adding a layer of gold coins over a much bigger pile of tenpenny (or subprime) nails.

    Here is my try, but it's wrong, I know: "Los requisitos de la Reserva podían satisfacerse, por ejemplo, añadiendo una porción de monedas de oro a una cantidad aún más grande de XXXX de alto riesgo con escaso valor (de 10 centavos)."

    Thanks in advance for any light, H.
  2. Herodiades Senior Member

    México, spanish
    I've found an english definition for nail that might help, but I still can't get the sense:

    - a slender pointed piece of metal driven into or through something for fastening
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    Herodiades, I think that subprime nails must be metaphorical ones, so I think we'll need a lot more context to help.

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