tenpenny (or subprime) nails


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Good day wordreference friends,

I'd thank anybody who could help me to translate the above term: tenpenny nails or subprime nails.

I'm trying to translate an article about a financial crisis that produced, among other effects... Reserve requirements could be met, for instance, by adding a layer of gold coins over a much bigger pile of tenpenny (or subprime) nails.

Here is my try, but it's wrong, I know: "Los requisitos de la Reserva podían satisfacerse, por ejemplo, añadiendo una porción de monedas de oro a una cantidad aún más grande de XXXX de alto riesgo con escaso valor (de 10 centavos)."

Thanks in advance for any light, H.
  • Herodiades

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    México, spanish
    I've found an english definition for nail that might help, but I still can't get the sense:

    - a slender pointed piece of metal driven into or through something for fastening
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