Tense: after a crane crushes ... Edgar Freemantle launches

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Hello there, this is a preface from 'Duma Key' written by Stephen King:

Six months after a crane crushes his pickup truck and his body self-made millionaire Edgar Freemantle launches into a new life. His wife asked for a divorce after he stabbed her with a plastic knife and tried to strangle her one-handed (he lost his arm and for a time his rational brain in the accident).

Shouldn't 'crushes' be 'crushed', or 'had crushed' with 'launched' grammatically?

Thanks in advance.
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    This is the so-called "narrative present" - where a story, or part of a story, is told in the present tense to add vividness.


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    Is all of that text from the same source?
    The first sentence is using Loob's narrative present, the second sentence isn't.
    That is very odd if they are meant to be together.


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    You're right, panj.

    Assuming this (or something close to it) is the source, it's the switch to the past which is a bit odd - all the rest is written in the present tense.
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