tentations de soulagement

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    I came across this in an article about the economic crisis.

    "Mais M. Blanchard était aussi chargé de tuer dans l'oeuf les tentations de soulagement et de démobilisation que suscitent chez les gouvernements les prémices d'un mieux."

    Does this translate as
    '...to nip in the bud temptations to demobilise and to reassure the population, which arouse thoughts of the worst being over in government.

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    No, "soulagement" it' not about reassuring the population, it's about reassuring themselves.

    It's more : "ho, crisis is almost over, let go back embezzling public money to insure our re-election, as usual! The kids (of the people) will pay-back the debt later, while our kids will go-on sailing on $20 million yachts!"
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    Maybe le Petit Robert dictionary can help us here. Under soulager, the first definition is:

    "Débarasser (qqn) d'une partie d'un fardeau, dispenser de quelque effort ou fatigue."
    In the present case, it is the governments who are tempted to relieve themselves of said efforts, who are demobilized in the figurative sense of demotivated.
    As for the latter part of the sentence, my try is: (temptations) ...which arise in governments when things show (first) signs of getting better.

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