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Hi there,
I'm helping with some translation for a company who wants to market some hand made tequilas. The marketing slogan in english is "Tequila art of Mexico". I am translating this as "Arte Tequilera de México" but am unsure of the word tequilera. I need the word tequila in adjective form but am unsure if "tequilera" will refer to the place where tequila is made. Any input will be much appreciated!
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    Hi. For me "Arte" is masculine so I'd say "Arte Tequilero de México".

    The word "Tequilera" alone, for me, will refere more to a femenine entity (in my mind it's first thought is a woman who works preparing the drink, and the second a company), but it doesn't make me think about any place.

    I think we (in Mexico DF, and maybe not marketing folks) would say "Arte Tequilero Mexicano".
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    Hi all,

    I just want to mention that, in Spanish, titles are not capitalized:

    Arte tequilero mexicano

    A pleasure.
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