term for payment after rendering a service (rather than COD)

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Alaor Santos

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Hi every one

If I charge for a service up front (payment) they pay me in advance. What is the other way around, I mean, if I provide the service and only then get paid, what kind of payment would that be, please?

Thank you.
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    What you can it depends on what the service is and when you get paid.

    Immediate Payment: If you mow someone's yard, you would be paid right after unless you have some sort of contract or agreement for longer-term mowing with specific payment terms.

    Billed payment or invoiced payment: For other services, you might bill or invoice someone with "30-day terms," for example. I order business cards and receive an invoice -- payment is due 30 days after the invoice date.

    If you can give us more context, we could narrow things down.


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    Payment in arrears is a term describing payments made after a service has been provided. In this case use of the word "arrears" does not imply any breach.

    This is perhaps a bit too formal for the "mowing the lawn" context, but is standard terminology in many other contexts ... that I have come across.
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