Term of the array that is "wavy" ? [Computer coding]

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Hi every body,
I have learnt coding for several months. Yesterday, I did an exercice about checking the array. I did it well, but I have no idea how to call this array in English :
" The ..... is the array that : Any number in the array is greater of less than the two number next to it "
You see, it is easy to picture the graph of the array to a "wave". I tried translate it on Full text translator, and the answer is "waveform array", which is'nt really suite.
This question is not quite about English, but I hope someone could give me an answer. In addition, If you know any website/forum that could help me better, please share it with me.
Thanks in advance.
  • birdhead

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    Thanks for your advice, Copyright.
    The exercise which I did is in Vietnam. I assume there is not many Vietnamesse members here in this forum. I learn french too, but just for 3 months, and I'm not able to make a post in french. Anyway, I don't know the term in french, neigther.


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    Hello birdhead,

    Sometimes we are fortunate, and someone with specific technical knowledge notices a question in this forum and answers it.

    However, as this isn't happening, I suggest that you look at the Wiki article on Array. They list several types of array in the section on array in computer science. Perhaps by following the links there you can find the term you are looking for.

    (Congratulations on doing a good job. :))
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