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What does 'terminal' mean in the contexts below? Is it simply a jack?

About a camera:
HDMI terminal
An HDMI mini output terminal lets you display still shots on any HDMI compatible TV without loss of quality."

About a computer (I think :-S):
"For those of you already owning an LCD TV and you want to have your S10 connected to the big display, all you need is to get the RGB to RGB cable detailed above. But first check that the LCD TV has the RGB or PC input terminal."



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    "Jack" is similar, but not always appropriate, particularly in the case of a computer display connector. Strictly speaking, a "jack" is a round receptacle for a round plug.


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    With computers, a terminal is an input/output device, usually made up of a video screen and a keyboard.
    In electronics, a terminal is the point at which something can be connected to a circuit. These typically occur as part of the circuit, internal to the device. A jack (which need not be round) is how we typically refer to the receptacle. The plug or jack plug is the part we insert into the jack.
    Perhaps the usage is different in BE, but I would not refer to the point where you connect a video cable as the terminal.


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    Thanks very much, all of you!
    So, basically 'terminal' really has the meaning of 'end', 'last' as in 'terminate'? In the sense that it's the point to which a unit can be connected to something external to it I mean..?
    If it's the 'connection point' as I understand from Cypherpunk's post - does 'terminal' refer to the plug, the receptacle or both?

    Again, thanks a million! :)

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