terms of endearment for men

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  1. panquesito New Member

    I am trying to find terms of endearment or pet names that are commonly used when talking to men.
    I'm unable to find anything when searching the threads under either pet names or terms of endearment.
    Can someone please help me out??
  2. Caliban

    Caliban Senior Member

    In Spanish, right?...
    Well.. I guess we use (for guys):
    amor, flaco, gordo, bebe, amorcito, cariño, (the truth is that we don't have as many options as in English, I think)
  3. buhbuhbuhhhh Senior Member

    english eeuu
    my favorite is quequito (pronounced kay-kee-to) it means little cupcake, but i wouldnt call him that in front of his friends
  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    If you look up endearment on wordreference.com, you will see a list of previous threads with that word in the title. Here are some of those threads related to terms of endearment for a male:






    If you search the dictionary for a particular term of endearment that you'd like to translate from English into Spanish, you may have more success.

    Good Luck.
  5. sunRAE

    sunRAE Senior Member

    Any suggestions for terms that would be along the lines of: hot stuff/hottie my hunk of a man, sweetie (but in a way that makes him feel really masculine/macho). I DON'T want anything cutsie like bombon, quequito, cuchi cuchi, etc...

    Sería como en vez de "mamasota"--como se diria a un hombre? Excluyendo "papacito" o "papito".

    Estos ya le estoy diciendo:
    mi rey
    mi amor
    mi vida
    mi macho! :)
    mi pedazo de cielo

    Pero quisiera algo más para decirle cuando es muy lindo, dulce conmigo. No me suena muy masculino "mi dulzura de hombre" y mi hombre es super hermoso y macho y rico! y me cuesta encontrar las palabras adecuadas para describirselo mis sentimientos! Ayuda! Por favor :eek:
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