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I've kind of been keeping an eye on the science/scientific thread that you started, QD, and I think the problem is not with the words "science or "scientific" but with the word "term". It seems to me that if you use the word "terminology", it becomes more clear. There is no question (in my mind, at least), that we would then be talking about "scientific terminology" not "science terminology".

I've been wondering the diverse meanings and usage between term and terminology. Since honorable Dimcl put these two words together in one post, I think it's time to talk about them.
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    Well, first of all "term" refers to one word whereas "termonology" refers to a group of related words specific to a certain field/area (scientific termonology, agricultural terminology, etc.)

    Therefore, "mole" (a unit of measurement used in chemistry) is a 'scientific term' whereas "mole, Faraday, Newton, normalcy" (units of measurement in various scientific fields) are 'scientific terms' or 'scientific terminology'.
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