terrets [Tourette's Syndrome]

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    You mean Tourette's Syndrome?

    It is a disorder that can, in extreme cases, cause people to unwillingly yell out inappropriate words. So, the answer to your question is yes.


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    I don't think that someone suffering Tourette's Syndrome would inadvertantly mock other people. Certainly they would be able to offend someone, or perhaps even insult them, but I don't think mock is the right word.

    With Tourette's, people suffer from involuntary movements and utterences. In rare and extreme cases, this actually causes people to swear loudly at random intervals, particularly when they are stressed. So certainly, for others nearby, this could be very offensive (and confusing!)

    However, mocking implies a personal attack on someone - belittling and teasing someone. People suffering Tourette's do their actions at random, and certainly without any motive. So, it's not really possible that Tourette's can cause someone to mock someone else.

    Wikipedia has an great article on the disorder, if you'd like to learn more: