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    Is there any difference between:

    I'm terrified of speaking in front of large groups of people

    I'm terrified about speaking in front of large groups of people

    Also can terrified of and terrified about be used interchangeably? Do those prepositions change entire meaning of each sentence?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. levmac

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    I would use

    terrified of [noun]/[verb...ing]

    terrified about [verb...ing]
  3. obz

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    Someone may correct me or add to this, but it seems to me that we use 'terrified of..' with known entities (verbs, nouns, etc), and 'terrified about..' when it comes to more hypothetical situations.

    I'm terrified of spiders. (known entity, spiders exist, and they terrify you)
    I'm terrified about spiders finding me. (there may or may not be any spiders looking for you, but the thought of them finding you terrifies you)
  4. Rubns

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    If you're terrified of something, it's like saying in Spanish: me aterroriza algo.

    Example: I'm terrified of snakes.
    Spanish: me aterrorizan las serpientes / tengo pavor a las serpientes.

    If you say that you're terrified about something, it's like: estoy aterrorizado por...

    Check this example. Esta persona está aterrorizada por ir a la universidad. It's not that he or she is afraid of universities.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Madrid001 Senior Member

    Can you just always use ''of'' when using ''terrified'' ?
  6. scw2011

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    American English
  7. sumongu

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    Hi. I've got a doubt. There's a song in which the singer says: "now I'm terrified TO facing on my own".
    Is that wrong?
    Thanks in advance.
  8. brit66

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    Yes. That sounds wrong to me.

    Terrified of seems to be the right preposition.
    I'm terrified of snakes.
    I'm terrified of swimming.

    People might be getting mixed up with "worried about"?
  9. sumongu

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    Spanish - Spain
    Thank you Brit66, I'll say it right when I'll be singing along in order to learn it right.
  10. levmac

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    If that song is by a native English speaker, you might not be hearing the lyrics right. There's no way a native would say that!

    It might be "terrified to face it on my own".
  11. sumongu

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    Hi Levmac. The singer isn't a native speaker (he's from Denmark) and I've just checked the official lyrics and he say exactly what I wrote. He made a mistake, I guess.
    Anyhow, thanks.

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