t'es pas la domage

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    Hello kakau, and welcome to the forum

    I'm guessing that the sentence is really:
    "T'es pas là. Dommage" or more correctly:
    "Tu n'es pas là. Dommage"

    If so, it's "You're not there. Pity", with the sense of:
    "It's a pity / It's a shame / It's sad that you're not there".

    W :):)

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    Bonjour kakau,
    Bienvenue sur le forum !

    I think there is an accent missing on the là and a comma, too... and an m in dommage!
    Thus, the right sentence could be:

    "tu n'es pas là, dommage"

    What means:
    Too bad, you're absent.

    Does this mean something to you? :)


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    Agnes E. said:
    Btw, just a question en passant : mon "too bad" va bien ou non dans ce sens ?? Je me demande, du coup... :eek:
    Salut Agnès,

    "Too bad" is potentially risky. It could mean the same as "pity, shame, ..." (i.e. dommage), but it's often used (as is "hard luck") to mean "tant pis!"

    Spoken, it depends a lot on the tone used, but if I saw, in writing, "You're not there. Too bad", I'd probably take it as "T'es pas là. Tant pis!"

    W :):)


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    i agree with the cunning and evil wordsith. too bad is not what i would choose, if only to stop people from getting the wrong idea. i guess if you said "that's too bad" you would lessen the risk of people seeing sarcasm when there isn't any. or maybe its just that i am an overly sarcastic person and think everyone else is too. hum.

    i guess i should also stop being so lax with accents. when i first saw the title of the thread all i could think was dommage is masculin. and the sentence makes no sense anyways :eek:


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    Benjy said:
    i agree with the cunning and evil wordsith.[...]
    Thanx Benjy,

    As you see, in a possibly vain attempt to shake off the Dark Side image (well at least as long as there's an 'r' in the day), I've changed my avatar. Wordsith has given way to Wordsnoop ;)

    Hope the lip's OK :)

    W :):)
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