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An English friend of mine is at the moment trying to learn French. Therefore, she has a French grammar book, but as far as there isn't any correction in it, she needs me to correct it. Is this sentence grammatical to introduce the subject ?

Tu veux que je t'aide pour tes trucs/exercices de grammaire ?
Do you need help with this grammar stuff ? (not to say "exercises")

I'm not really sure that stuff fits here, and I'm nor sure one has to use this instead of these...
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    You can certainly use "stuff" -- it's very generic, just like trucs. It could apply to any kind of work that your friend is doing to learn French grammar, be it exercises or just review.

    The most direct translation (and perfectly natural):
    Do you want me to help you with this/that/your/the French grammar stuff?

    Or else:
    Do you want my help with...

    There is no idea of "need" in the French sentence... so I wouldn't use the word in English.

    The choice between this/that/your/the depends on the actual context: whether you are sitting with your friend with the grammar book on the table in front of you, or just mentioning it in passing over the phone, etc.

    I'm not sure why demon001 has suggested the word "cursing"... it's funny, but not a real translation, and it wouldn't be understood out of context. :p
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