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    Hi everybody,

    I'm doing something about "testimonial literature" (literatura testimonial, Zeugnisliteratur), notably the literature written by eyewitnesses or survivors of terrible events like the Nazi camps or Gulag camps. I'm trying to do a little artwork with the term in different languages, and as there is a part of the thing about Kertész, I'd like to have the Hungarian equivalent. I tried to invent one -- "tanúirodalom", which has two or three google hits connected with the thing. Anyone versed in criticism in Hungarian who knows the Hungarian equivalent of the concept? Thanks a lot!
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    Hi minus273 and welcome to our forum!:)

    I had to look around a little because "tanúirodalom" is not a current word in Hungarian - at least to my ears. (My personal first impression does not connect the word to eyewitnesses of horrible historical events specially but I suppose nowadays you cannot be "choosy"...)

    However, it seems that it could be the one you are looking for because I have seen it in the sense you describe it in articles comparatively well written.
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    Thanks Zsanna! It took me quite a bit googling and dictionary-ing to arrive at this one, and it's nice that it isn't completely unacceptable! (Happily "testimonial literature" isn't a big term in English either)
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