Testimonio de escritura publica constitutiva de sociedad

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  1. Evelyn E. Senior Member

    Hola solo quiero saber si lo traduje bien..

    Testimonio de la Escritura pùblica constitutiva de Sociedad y sus modificaciones si las hubiere

    Certified copy of the constitutive Association Public deed and its amedments if any.

    Estos son unos documentos que piden para las bases de una Licitacion.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. apgm Member

    English US dominant/Spanish secondary
    Certified copy of notarial deed of establishment of a company [incorporation of a company] with amendments, if any. "Escritura pública" is a notarial deed. "Escritura de constitucion" OR "escritura constitutiva" OR "acta de constitución" or "acta constitutiva" is the certificate or articles or deed of incorporation or establishment of a company (Sociedad) usually a commercial company. If you are sure that you are dealing with an association - for example, non-profit, you can use "association".
  3. Lamemoor Senior Member

    Peru - Spanish
    Hola, mi sugerencia:

    Certified Copy of the Company's Public Deed of Incorporation and its amendments, if any.


  4. Evelyn E. Senior Member

    You are the best! thanks!

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