Testimonio de la Escritura Publica

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  1. junebugolp New Member

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    I need the following legal terms translated:

    "Asimismo, un Testimonio de la Escritura Publica de Separacion de Patrimonios fimado por ambos ante el Notario ..."

    I appreciate your help.
  2. Cleotis

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    You mean separation of marital property?

    "Also, an evidence of the public deed of separation of marital property,...."
  3. junebugolp New Member

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    USA - American English
    Thanks Cleotis

    Yes, separation of marital property
  4. pachanga7 Senior Member

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    I believe that the advice given was not quite correct since a "deed" in English is always to establish ownership of real property, such as "the Deed to a house" meaning a document showing whom the house belongs to. Or a Land Deed showing who owns some land.

    "Escritura pública" is more generic and I believe it is translated as "public notarial instrument" or "document of public record." Also "public act." All of these terms: "document" and "instrument" and "act" are fairly generic terms, unlike "deed."

    Could someone please explain the term "testimonio" in this case? Wikipedia says:

    Civil-law notaries, or Latin notaries, are lawyers of noncontentious private civil law who draft, take, and record legal instruments for private parties, provide legal advice and give attendance in person, and are vested as public officers with the authentication power of the State.

    So when the civil law notaries "take" the legal instrument, does this imply swearing in and taking legal testimony from the parties?

    I will say that "an evidence" is not good English, so I am looking for a better way of expressing the "Testimonio" part of the question. Thanks in advance.

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