text embedded in an image, scanned image


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Hi all,

What phrases can be used in MSA to describe these situations? I use a screenreader called JAWS, so would like to know how to communicate these ideas clearly.

- text embedded in an image (e.g., a meme on Facebook)

- scanned images (i.e., a PDF that isn't text and likely requires OCR software to be made accessible for a screenreader)

Thanks in advance.
  • shafaq

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    text embedded in an image نص مكتوب على صورة
    When I see a text says "نص مكتوب على صورة" I get it "a text written on a photo".
    While word "embeded" technically means something inserted and burried in an other thing which you can't see the "inserted thing" by plain sight, I think one of the مضمَّن / مدمج / مغمور even مدفون may fit here.
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