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Hi, I'm new here and wondered if you could help. I have 2 pictures my friend sent me which have Japanese written on them, I was wondering if anyone could translate what is written on each. Thanks

(The pictures are attached, since I can't link them in the post)


  • toscairn

    Nin (Onomatopoeia, has no meaning as we recognize, she must have made it up)
    Moe(Refer to the second definition of
    This should be pronounced as you do Italian words.)
    Do you know what it means?

    I've had my hair cut!
    (left girl's name:Eno)(right girl's name:Mari)
    kaminoke kitta yonsama.

    This is a play on word, between the particle "yo" (used to underline one's sentence, or to draw particular attention, or just to show intimacy) and Yon-sama, Korean actor quite popular among Japanese women.

    Hya Hya (Onomatopoeia, again. She's laughing.)

    Maybe you know it, they are typical PURIKURA pictures.​
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