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    Tengo que hacer una exposicion, y seguro que hay faltas. Alguien me las puede corregir?

    1) Well my flashcards are about the animals, in front is the animal and behind is the noun and its phonetic transcription.
    2)Then my personal dictionary isn’t big so it takes little space.
    3)In my noticeboard i have done to the left a clock The next the best redacction of the class about their weekend. Then to the right is How is the weather today? they have to marck with the arrow.
    And down here are the new words.
    4) My puppet is fast to do. She’s done with ball of paper, cotton, piece of cloth and a pen.
    5)The simple Masks are a cat/mouse and a cow.
    6) The weather Chart is very simple, on the hand i have done the 4 station and behind a picture. On the other hand they have to copy the same thay is writes.
    7) And finally My Personal Record is “Our birthday”.
    And these flowers uses to adorn things or in the Christmas dinner can adorn the napkins.

    Un saludo :)
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    Hola, Raquel.
    ¡Una corrección en español!:D Lamento no poder ayudarte con el resto.:( Por cierto, me parece que no es tan corto.

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