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    I have a question about this phrase:

    เจ้าแก่ เข้า มา หา โต

    What does เข้า mean here? Is there a difference between this and just เจ้าแก่ มา หา โต?

    The bilingual text I'm reading translates the sentence as "Jao Kae comes to Dto", but in the lesson's vocabulary "เข้า" is listed as "in; into", so I'm a bit confused.

    I'm an absolute beginner in Thai, in case it wasn't obvious.
  2. Kaklakubz New Member

    I'm native in Thai. I want to tell you in your sentence ,I learnt about this when I was 9 years old,and now I'm 22 years old.
    เจ้าแก่ is a noun,the name of a cat in your textbook. เข้า(v) is meant "to enter" .e.g. Everyone can enter the palace expect you but it is able to be used in human or animal. . มา(v) is meant "to come" .หา(v) is meant "to find anything or anyone"or"looking for". โต is a noun,a name of a dog.
    มาหา is a verb phrase in Thai is meant "meet" in English ,but it's used for informal situation.And phop"พบ" is used for formal situation.
    Your sentence may be translated into English as "Jaokae comes to meet To "
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  3. Tech12 Member

    Thank you very much, Kaklakubz! :)

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